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Laboratory staff Michael preparing materials for mix designs


National Asphalt has several mix designs that are available off the shelf including those that are of Sabita Manual 35/COTO Level II and III requirements. The company prides itself in the capabilities of the laboratory being able conduct asphalt mix designs that are project specific.

Hamburg Wheel Tracker

Corelok Machine

Gyratory Machine


Passionate about asphalt we continuously invest in equipment and expanding our base. National Asphalt is geared to run Gyratory & Corelok tests on all it’s commercial sites with the intention of rolling it out to the mobile sites. Hamburg wheel tracking tests are done at Pretoria Bon Accord, a crucial aspect of designing fit for purpose mix designs and ensuring production quality.

Research on rutting and stripping


We conduct research on asphalt to understand which types of asphalt structures and binder grades are better suited to certain projects.


All the work carried out in our laboratories and plants are done to give the best product to the client. National stays up to date with the latest in asphalt technologies without losing the fundamentals.

Our team and National is always willing to assist. A famous quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson "It's not the Destination, It's the journey." National Asphalt supplies the asphalt for those journey's and if you find a pothole, we have NATPatch.

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